Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What tolerances in manufacturer specification should I expect from bullets?

a) General

b) Length, ogive and meplat

c) Seating depth

d) Diameter and concentricity

e) Weight

2.  My experience is that copper hunting bullets go straight through animals and I like my bullets to stay inside and deliver all the energy. What do the OEPs do?

3.  What about the issue of copper vs lead bullets and consumption of the wild harvest?

4.  Do all OEP bullets feed through a magazine?


5.  How do I choose the “best” bullet for my rifle? What’s so important about stability Sg?

6.  What is meant by ‘Transonically Tune’ projectiles?

7.  How real are the OEP Ballistic Coefficients?

8.  Why are OEP bullets coated and what with?

9. OEP powder recommendations seem to be faster than usual, I normally use ADI 2208 in my 308, yet OEP don’t recommend it except for the heaviest of bullets, why?

10. Is this why different powders are suggested for different barrel lengths?

11. Do I need to change my primer selection from standard to magnum type primers (or vice a versa) when loading OEP bullets?

12. OEP nominate the case capacity for each cartridge in h2o (distilled water). I’ve never seen this in any load recommendations before. What’s this all about?

13. Some other brands of bullets claim to open up at velocities as low as 1,600 fps. If OEPs open up only at 1,800 fps, isn’t this a discount to desired performance?

14. I’ve heard about copper bullets breaking off their petals and radiating secondary projectiles, supposedly causing greater wound trauma and more effective outcomes. Do OEP hunting bullets do this, does OEP support that view?

15. What are the differences between a G1 BC and a G7 BC? Why are the G7 BC's lower than the G1?

16. Projectile Displacement vs Projectile Weight. What’s the difference and why is it important?

17. I have often heard that “Velocity trumps BC”, but is it true?

18. How far is too far? What are the limiting factors for humane hunting?

19. Is my barrel compatible with OEP products? Bullet/Barrel Compatibility Chart.

For any further questions, not addressed in these FAQs or published articles, please contact us.