Outer Edge Projectiles proudly introduces the new BBT (Ball Bearing Tip) range of hunting bullets!

After years of research and development, OEP have finally released the new BBT hunting bullets. Available in:

  • 6 mm (0.243”) 

  • 6.5 mm (0.264”)

  • 0.277”

  • 7 mm (0.284”)

  • 0.308” and

  • 0.338”



So what’s the big deal about the new BBT’s?

Plastic tipped bullets have been around for years …








Our BBT range are copper bullets with a steel ball bearing tip sitting over a massive hollow point. As such, the degree of product consistency and tolerance standards are so uniform they are unmatched, and cannot be equalled by a plastic insert. This means;

  • New accuracy standards are now possible for long range hunting

  • Significant increase in Ballistic Coefficients of 7.5 – 15% when compared to our already sensational hollow point hunting bullets – thus extending effective terminal performance at longer ranges

  • Being steel tip, they do not melt or change form in flight at any distance, making fall of shot calculations much more reliable


The BBT’s, like their hollow point brethren, still maintain 95%+ weight retention post impact, expand reliably and travel a straight path through the vitals, to deliver what we all seek, a humane, drop to the shot outcome.


What BBT’s do not do;


  • Being hard steel with a small purchase area, BBT’s will not gall or bind on impact

  • Either initiate or inhibit expansion. The same massive hollow point is found behind our BBT’s as our well known hollow point bullets. Terminal performance is virtually the same (just effective over longer range due to improvements in BC). Many plastic tipped bullets will often inhibit expansion at lower velocities due to the nature of the materials used, and construction techniques. See the article; Ballistic Coefficients and Hunting published in Australian Shooter and also on our website.



Will the BBT’s replace the current hollow point bullets?


Generally speaking, the BBT range is intended as a premium long range hunting bullet. Whilst they work exceptionally well at all ranges, they offer no advantage to those hunters who predominantly hunt at ranges of less than 300 meters. The BBT’s are intended for maximum performance at the extreme range for each cartridge. Our hollow point product will continue to meet the majority of our customers’ hunting bullet need for unmatched, devastating and accurate performance under ‘normal’ conditions.

For the lighter and smaller hunting cartridges however, the BBT design is the only real and sensible choice for optimal performance, especially when used in conjunction with some of the older/slower twist barrels still providing solid service.


So now, the choice for optimal performance is now yours!


Outer Edge Projectiles – Stunning accuracy and devastating terminal performance – at all practical ranges.


We invite you to try them and experience them for yourself …